Our Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is based on the commitment, involvement and dedication of each of our partners from various specialties and workstations in achieving the company’s objectives. The latter are essentially based on the spirit of a one team that spares no effort in order to crown the company’s activities successfully and achieve its objectives. As the founders of the company, we are convinced that this success can serve and consecrate the aspirations and expectations of the team.

Our values

Collaboration and teamwork:

The main values ​​for which VERTEX is committed are the sense of pride and belonging to a one team allowing positive interaction through the exchange of opinions and experiences between various specialties and departments of the company. The goal is to achieve more that cannot be achieved individually.

Our slogan: With teamwork, nothing is impossible.



We encourage our team to develop the initiative spirit through taking measured risk in work accomplishment.


Integrity and selflessness in the work:

Integrity and selflessness in the work as well as sincerity in the accomplishment of the assigned missions are among the strong values ​​which guide us in our work.



Is the foundation of relationships between company team members regardless of their differences of opinion. We respect contributions or proposals of any kind and from any employee for the interest of the company. The doors remain open to everyone!


Quality First and Forever

Our mission

Provide high quality school and office supplies to consumers which enable them to succeed in their work with pleasure and precision.


Our mission revolves around three axes:


The company gives considerable importance to the Research & Development Departments as well as to the Purchasing Department, whose mission is focused on the permanent search for superior quality materials at competitive prices. The Company thus considers that the success of a product imperatively depends on its specificity and superior quality.



Part of a long-term strategic approach, the company takes a particular interest in the development of the Design Department meeting international standards and composed of a team of young and creative professionals whose mission is to present the best design layouts.


By giving particular importance to the Marketing team characterized by its high competence and whose mission is to set up a marketing strategy that meets market needs, the company intends to preserve the achievements of distributors; customers and consumers, according to priorities established that serve the brand strategy, in building a relationship of trust between the consumer and the product.