Chairman word,

To all the employees of the company, our dear customers and to all those who have made their contribution throughout our journey, I extend my sincere greetings by welcoming you to our website dedicated to AL-ASEEL, one of the leading companies in school and office supplies.


By browsing this site, you will go though the history of the company which spans nearly twenty years of existence in which we have made colossal efforts to provide high quality products that meet international standards.


Hereby, we would like to make it clear that our success would not have been possible without the enormous efforts that you have made, hoping that your contribution will continue in the future to help us achieve your aspirations and that your cooperation with our company , which represents a safety framework for you, for us and for future generations. They will thus be able to benefit from our achievements in this area through the message that we wish to send to individuals and that belonging, loyalty and the spirit of initiative in the context of teamwork makes it possible to carry out successful activities including the positive repercussions will be felt on the whole population.


Thank you for visiting our website. We reiterate our commitment to devote our efforts, capacities and expertise in order to achieve success and prosperity for all.


May God accompany us in success

Strength is through teamwork