In 1991 , Mr. Arafat Obeid, the CEO, established Al-Aseel Company for Import and Export, focusing on stationary in Algeria. After five years of dedicated work and a strong commitment to success, Obeid's family members joined the company, and the journey of success continued steadily. In 2004, we expanded by establishing the industrial department, represented by Al-Fares Industries, leading to further investment in Algeria, enabling us to capture a larger market share. Al-Aseel Company for Import and Export owns the Vertex trademark, registered in 63 countries worldwide, including Algeria, other Arab countries, China, the European Union, the African Union, the USA, and Nigeria. The Vertex brand is internationally recognized for the high-quality materials used in producing stationary supplies, offered to consumers with the great care for their satisfaction regarding price and quality that suits our valued customers. We emphasize that the success we've achieved wouldn't have been possible without the experience and intelligence of our dedicated employees who work tirelessly to fulfill the company's shared dream. The contribution of our partners and friends from factories in Algeria, China, and around the world has been instrumental in maintaining this success that we are proud of.

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Vertex World is an international brand of school and office supplies that has established its presence in Algeria. Our company is recognized for offering a wide range of products aimed at facilitating the professional, educational, and creative activities of our customers.

Vertex World continues to gain the trust of its customers while also contributing to improving the way people work, learn, and express their creativity every day. Our commitment to quality and international presence make us a preferred brand for those looking to equip themselves with high-quality office and school supplies

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We believe that the right supplies can make a significant difference in the learning journey. We are dedicated to shaping a brighter future by providing students, parents, and educators with the tools they need to






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Vertex is your one and only source to get you prepared for school. We assure that every student has access to the essential resources they need to excel academically by striving to be the trusted partner in education for all students, for that we created a collection of products that are safe and healthy for usage by children of all ages.


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every child is born with a unique gift waiting to be discovered

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